Getting Started

Initial view

The initial view in the app is of a restricted browser. When first accessed you will be asked to create a secure area by entering a password.

You may also register your email address to allow your password to be retrieved later. You can make a password retrieval request via the EBF secure web site: When you enter a valid email address a temporary password is sent to them.

Logging into a secure area

After a secure area is set up, anyone accessing the app will see it as a safe browser that blocks bad web sites. Using either an on screen button or a rotation gesture a login dialog is displayed. When the correct password is entered, or TouchID used, you will be logged into a secure area.

Here you have access to:

  • A secure browser
  • A camera area: which also supports video and sound recordings
  • A notepad
  • A video, image and sound gallery

Multiple or decoy areas

In the paid-for or upgraded version you can have multiple secure areas, or decoy areas.

If someone forces you to log into the app, show them the decoy area instead. They will have no way of knowing that you have a additional separate secure area.

Security features

The following actions return the user to the safe browser:

  • Selecting The Safe Area left menu item
  • Pressing the home button (exits the app as normal, but if the app is selected again the safe browser is displayed
  • Pressing the lock button – on unlock the safe browser is displayed
  • Turning the phone face down
  • The following additional methods available as time limited trials in the free version, or available through an in-app upgrade:
    • Shaking the phone
    • Covering the proximity sensor, for example by putting the phone in your pocket.

The screenshot shown to the user by double clicking the home button contains a view of the safe browser, not any content from a secure area.


256 bit encryption is used to secure passwords and encrypt files in a secure area.


The recording menu allows video or audio recording, or photos to be taken. The view finder is behind some text. The size of the view finder can be controlled by swiping or via the menu. The transparency is the text can also be controlled.

The camera mode is controlled by the navigation bar or menu.

Photos/videos can be captured by:

  • Using the snap button in the navigation bar
  • Double tap the screen
  • Cover the proximity area, if enabled

Secure Browser

The App features a secure browser.

  • You have control over how long history, cookies, and local data are kept.
  • You can set the user agent presented to web sites, to impersonate other browsers.
  • You can request a desk top site.
  • You can optionally connect to the web via the TOR network – the browser will route all activity through the TOR network, including video and other active content (unlike other TOR browsers.)
  • You can optionally use proxies


Use the gallery to view images, videos, documents or listen to audio.

Organize your files by creating folder and moving or copying between them.

Files can also be copied or moved to and from the public file area, which is visible without a password and from iTunes.

Export files to other applications, messages, emails or to iTunes.

Export all files as a safe browser file that can be imported back into the app that has been installed on a different phone.