Free Version

NOTE: The free version is fully functional but has these restrictions:

  • Audio: only 60 seconds recording per file.
  • Video: only 15 seconds retained
  • Max 3¬†browser tabs
  • Max 10 photos/images/videos
  • Max 3 notes
  • 1 secure area (no decoy area)

Try these features for a few days in the free version:

  • Ad Blocking
  • Shake to hide
  • Hide on proximity sensor (e.g. in pocket)
  • Web download
  • TOR Bridges, including obfs2, obfs3 and ScrambleSuit
  • Choose TOR exit-node country
  • Choose Proxy country
  • Rotate gesture to login

The full version:

  • Unlimited photos/videos and photo albums
  • Break in detection/report
  • Unlimited pictures and videos
  • Unlimited tabs
  • Unlimited secure areas, including decoy areas